Personal Information
Username /u/Malkeru
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 6'01"
Weight 195 lbs


Akio has long, near shoulder blade length, black spikey hair. He is physically well built, the gravity on New Vegeta helping in his training. His face is strong and angular, and he has deep blue eyes, a trait he inherited from his human mother.


Akio is reserved, tending to keep to himself, a lone-wolf if you will. The pure sayains on New Vegeta never really interested him, nor were they interested in him.


Akio is an orphan, his father dying in battle as a Sayain warrior and his mother dying during birth, Akio got use to loneliness. It made him, for lack of a better word, cold, detached. He grew up on New Vegeta, spending all his time training to make his father proud, whever he was watching him from.

Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Strength: 6

Speed: 6

Ki Levels: 6

Ki Control: 6

Endurance: 6

HP: 100

Ki: 50

Moves: 3Edit

Kamehameha - The Kamehameha wave. (10 ki)

Energy sword - Gathering Ki in his palm, Akio runs it along the length of his arm, turning it into a blade. (10 ki, 5 per round to maintain.)

Total Barrage - Starting with a Kamehameha, Akio alters the energy from a beam, into many balls of energy, hurling five of them at the enemy (20 ki)

Rank upsEdit

1. SSJ1

Quest RewardsEdit

Z-Points earned: 0

Zenni: 0


* none
* none
* none


none completed