Brojack in all his majesty

Brojack is the emperor of the Empire of Brojack. He rules the western quadrant of the North Galaxy and is looking to expand.

Brojack is an NPC (None Player Character)


Brojack is a member of the Race of Hera and is a descendent of the mighty Bojack. They look similiar except Brojack's mullet is far more majestic.


Brojack is an arrogant asshole with many vices. He has been known to destroy planets just because he ran out of booze. He isn't the brightest of people, but what he lacks in smarts, he makes up for in muscles and mullet.


After the fall of Bojack at the hands of the half-Saiyan Gohan, the rest of the RAce of Hera started to rebuild on their home planet Hera. A naturally powerful race, reconstruction and expansion was easy for them, easier that they were all united under one banner, the banner of Brojack. 

Brojack was a good leader, to his people at least. As long as the conquered planets payed tribute, he offered some level of protection and freedom to move and trade within his empire. There has always been a couple of thorns in his side over the years though. The newly revived Saiyan Kingdom, based on New Planet Vegeta, and the remenants of the Planet Trade Organization, led by Meta-Cooler and and the surviving parts of the Big Gete Star.

Brojack has several planets on his list of "Places to conquer for fun, money, and/or women" list. One of which includes the Earth...

Level 30Edit

MusicEdit "Dr. Feelgood" -Motley Crue "Nothing But a Good Time" -Poison "Rock You Like a Hurricane" -Scorpions