Natural fei



normal form- stands 5'08 has long brown hair with blue bangs, green ears and tail, and green cat eyes.

Transformed- stands at 5'11 and gains pink/red hair, pink/red cat ears and tail, and orange eyes as well as more sex appeal

Miscelaneous Race (nekonian)


Fei is very kind and quite energetic. she loves climbing and being in high places. she is able to hide her ears at will but like saiyans can not hide her tail. she usuallys just lets it hangs and most do not notice.


Fei came to earth at a young age. she luckily left her ship near a con so many thought her ears


Humanoid fei

 and tail were part of cosplay. she adores comics, anime and manga and has became fascinated with human culture because of it. she usually stays in east city but has been known to travel.

She can transform into a large sexual catgirl. everyone on her planet has a defeerent apperance after transformation. When transformed it is like another person is in charge (like launch). she still goes by fei in  both forms and she also has a knack for explosives. She adores using her sex appeal to trick others when transformed.

Stats: 33. Level: 1Edit

Attack: 6

Sp. Attack: 7

Defense: 7

Sp. Defense: 5

Speed: 8

HP: 100

Ki: 100

Moves: 3Edit

Transformation- Tina turns from a normal looking girl to a sexy catgirl like a magical girl! after transformed fei gets stranger and smarter. cost: 10, 5 to maintain


What fei usually wears after transformed

Dynamic Cannon. User forms and focuses energy in there hands. they the aim and fire it at the enemy.  Type: Wave. Damage Type: Normal. Color: Pink. Base cost: 10. Secondary Effect: None.

Berserk Burst! User forms red orbs in each hand and tosses them at the enemy like one would dynamite. they then explode! Type: barrage. Damage Type: Explosive Color: Red. Base cost: 20. Secondary Effect: None.

Slugbox - Nellko

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