Welcome to DBZL!

Welcome! This is Dragon Ball Z Legacy, a role playing game based off of Reddit. Here, you can create your own character, make your own story, and play with other DBZ fans!


Every game needs rules, and here at DBZL, we're fairly lax on things.

  1. Anything goes inside the roleplay. Either it be cussing or other mature content, it is pretty much allowed. The only thing we ask of you is to not make rp's too obscene or adulterated.
  2. No out of character hate towards other role players. If you have a problem/conflict with another RP'er please tell a mod so that they may best handle it.
  3. Don't get too angry at the RP, it is a game and should be treated as such. If your character dies, don't get irate, just make a new one, or have your friends gather the Dragon Balls and wish you back to life, though the latter is somewhat difficult. Speaking of dying,Yes your character can die though it is looked down upon if people are just killing off other people's characters for no reason
  4. There is a 20 Z-Point limit per week.

That's pretty much it!

Character Creation

Making your character is pretty simple. Just go over to the Races page, and read up on each of them. Once you've chosen what you want to be, just create a page about them. Here's an Example Character if you need some help. And here is Making your very own super move, a guide to making your very own super move.

Earning Z-Points and Zenni

Z-Points are experience ponts. Zenni is DBZL's currency. In order to earn Z-Points and Zenni, you most go on quests, fight, and role play. 

Roleplaying - 1-2 ZP, 100 Zenni

Fighting - 1-3 ZP, 100-300 Zenni

Quests - Dependent on character rank. 2-6 ZP, 500-5000 Zenni

Tournaments - Winner gets 10 ZP and 10000 Zenni, losers get 3-5 ZP and 1000-5000 Zenni depending on place.

For more info, visit the Leveling Up and Ranking Up page.

Spending your hard earned Zenni

We will have a weekly store called the Z-Store restocked every week with new items and stuff. Check in regularly, they may have a rarity!

In conclusion

Now that you know the basics, go out there and make your character! Let your own DBZL adventure unfold!