Kaz and his sexy self

Kaz, also known as Android Model: Kappa Alpha Zeta (KAZ for short), is a human cyborg living on planet Earth.


Kaz seems like a normal human 18 year old. He's tall, slightly muscular, has purple eyes, and medium brown hair. He usually wears a grey, open shirt over a white tank top, and slightly tight blue jeans.

As normal as Kaz may seem, he is actually an Android, similar to Androids 17 and 18 of the past.

Kaz is Chaotic-Neutral and isn't allied with anyone. Yet.


Kaz is usually calm, reserved, and cool. He is known to have bouts of insanity and rage, though those happen infrequently. He has never backed down from a challenge, no matter how great. He fights in a very tactical fashion, prefering to anazlyze his opponents before attacking their perceived weaknesses. He's just starting to get used to being a cyborg though, and is prone to miscalculations about anything ranging from people's disposition towards him, or his sense of direction.


Kaz can't remember too much of his past. The first thing he remembers is waking up in a lab to a recorded message from the man who turned him into a cyborg. The man, Professor V, told him his new name, Android Model: Kappa Alpha Zeta, or KAZ for short. According to V, Kaz came to him willingly as a human, wishing to gain power to defeat a certain someone. Unfortunately, V was murdered in the middle of the voice recording, and Kaz was given a memory wipe by V's assassins. Kaz now wishes to learn more about his past, find the men who killed V, and gain enough power to defeat whoever he became an android to defeat.

Stats: Level: 1Edit

Total Stats: 30
Strength 4
Endurance 5
Speed 6
Ki Control 7
Ki Level 8
Health 100
Ki 90

Moves: 3Edit

Energy Protocol: Kaz fires a purple wave of energy with both hands, Cost - 30. Damage - 30. Recharge - 4 turns. Effect - 50% chance to lower Sp. Defense by 1 for remainder of fight. 

Melee Protocol: Kaz rushes in and uppercuts the opponent into the air, then he delivers a short combo ending with him knocking them back down into the ground. Cost - 20. Damage - 20. Recharge - 2 turns. Effect - None.

Barrier Protocol: Kaz emits an energy barrier around a 5m radius of himself. The barrier repels energy attacks and damages anyone caught inside it. Cost - 30. Damage - 10. Recharge - 4 turns. Effect - None.

Race Ability: Ki Absorption. As an Android, Kaz can absorb up to 50% of the ki used in an energy attack on him. He still takes damage though. Recharges every 5 turns.

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