Kalvon is a frost demon with white skin and deep red shiny bits. He appears to be the equivalent of 20 human years old and stands at just under 6 feet tall, weighing 190 lbs. He doesn't wear no armor cause that's for weak stupid fighters.


Kalvon, like most frost demons, maintains a sophisticated air under most cicumstances. However in battle he takes every opportunity to inflict any possible cruelties to his opponents, even dropping the fancy pretense in favor of incandescent rage against particularly difficult opponents. 


Many years ago Kalvon achieved a reputation as a terrible tyrant and conqueror who would crush planets, systems, or sometimes even galaxies under his boot heel. His notoriety grew until one day he was so infamous that the gods took notice. The kaio-shins needed to restore balance to the universe, but death was considered too good for Kalvon. So they inflicted the most terrible punishment imaginable for such a conqueror. They made him weak. They took away his great power and forced him to become a protector of the weak and oppressed. The Majin Kotl is assigned to ensure he is following the punishment, though the jovial nature of Majin means he is as much a part of the punishment as he is an infuriatingly insipid overseer. Kalvon's ambition now is not just to reclaim his former power, but to grow so powerful he can defeat even the kiao-shins and get back to oppressing those he is now cursed to help. He still takes every opportunity to be cruel and evil, even if his current situation means he can only fight other tyrants. And if you've angered him, kami help you if he thinks he won't get caught in what he's going to do to you.


Alignment: Lawful Evil

Faction: None at the moment (formerly of the planet trade organisation)

Stats:30 Rank:Trainee Level:1Edit

Strength: 6

Speed: 5

Ki Levels: 6

Ki Control: 6

Endurance: 7

Health: 170

Ki: 80


Cold Stare- Kalvon shoots weird ice lazers out of his eyeballs. Type: Beam. Damage Type: Ice. Color: White. Base Damage: 20. Ki Cost: 30. Secondary Effect: reduces Speed by 1 for the remainder of the fight. Recharge- 4 turns.

Wibble Blast- Launches an unstable blob of energy that explodes upon impact. Type: Blast. Damage Type: Normal. Color: Red with Purple edges. Base Damage: 35. Ki Cost: 30. Secondary Effect: None. Radius 20 m. Recharge- 3 turns.

Ki Barrier- Kalvon creates a shield of energy enveloping him and anyone within 5m, blocking energy attacks. Duration: 1 turn. Ki Cost: 30. Secondary Effect: Knocks any enemies within 5m away from him. Recharge- 6 turns.


Frost Demon 2nd Form- 10 Ki/turn, +4 Strength, +2 Speed, +2 Ki Level, +4 Ki Control, +3 Endurance

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The Hellion

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