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Race: Saiyan

Kayl stands at 5 foot 9 inches and weighs 200 lbs. He has mid-length curly hair because his name is a pun on the vegetable kale and curly kale is a variety of kale. He also has a goatee. His hair is black like all pure blooded Saiyans.

He wears battle armor in the style of Salza except it's black with a short sleaved blue leotard underneath. Also, he wears black gaunlets a la Nappa and/or Radditz.

Also, over his left eye he wears a green scouter and he still has his Saiyan tail.


Kayl has a bitter personality like the taste of uncooked kale and because he's had a hard bitter life. He tends to be rather cold to others because Kale is a vegetable that can be harvested in the Winter (though it has also been known to be harvested year round.)


Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Attack: 6

Sp. Attack: 6

Defense: 6

Sp. Defense: 6

Speed: 6

HP: 100

Ki: 100

Moves: 3Edit

1. Brassica Beam

2. Borecole Ball


Rank upsEdit



Hasn't done any yet

0 Z-Points



0 Zenni