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This Majin is reletively small only standing at 3 feet 7 inches with hot pink skin.  Unlike most majin he has three antennae forming a crown like structure.  His clothing consists of a Black breast plate and a pair of pure white pants. He is quite lean with little muscle for he doth not need it.


Kotl is quite a funny majin never without his magical floating hooka packed with the finest smokables you can conjure.  When confronted he tweaks shit and blasts his foes into food to sate his munchies


Kotl was brought about by the gods as a guardian and guide for Kalvon after his punishment and has been travling with him ever since.

Stats: 30 level 1Edit


Speed: 6

Ki Level: 10

Ki Control:10

endurance: 2

HP: 120

Ki: 100

Moves: 3Edit

Neopolitan Beam: Fires a brown, white, and pink beam from his aentene. Cost -30. Damage-30 Recharge- 5 turns. Effect- if this attack kills the enemy they are turned into ice cream and consumed and the ki cost of the attack is reffunded.

Angry Explosion: Stomps around shouting and sets of a large explosion. Cost -40. Damage-30. Recharge-5. Blast 25m radius

Candy Bombardment: fires blasts of assorted colored disks from mouth. Cost-10. Damage-10 Effect: Sugar rush- The next ability does 25% more damage. Recharge-4 turns