Leveling UpEdit

By doing missions, fighting, and other things, you will gain some Z-Points. Once you have 10 Z-Points, you will level up. There will be a 20 ZP limit for the week, meaning if you stay active, and meet the limit every week you will be max level (30) in 15 weeks. I chose I high limit because in the RP's I've done, they went really slow, and i they go slow, they lose interest pretty quick. So 15 weeks to become a grand master BAMF seems fair enough.

Examples of gaining ZP

  • Fighting (1-3 ZP, OS discretion)
  • Quests/Missions (2-6 ZP, Dependent on difficulty)
  • Tournaments (Winner receives 10 ZP, All others receive 5-1 dependent on place)
  • Roleplaying/Character Development (1 ZP)

As for roleplaying and character dev, we should limit that to once a day, same for regular fights.

Ranking UpEdit

Ranks are as follows:

  • Trainee lvl 1
  • Rookie lvl 5
  • Journeyman lvl 10
  • Adept lvl 15
  • Expert lvl 20
  • Master lvl 25
  • Z Warrior lvl 30

Every time you rank up, you gain the option of choosing: A new transformation, a permanent stat boost, a new ultimate move, or a special item. You can only choose 3 transformations, and 2 permastats within your career, so choose wisely!

Gaining StatsEdit

Every level, you will get a stat boost. I was thinking you get 5 stat points to distribute amongst your 5 core stats (Atk, Sp. Atk, Def, Sp. Def, Speed), and 20 to add distribute amongst your Ki and Health.

As for starting characters (lvl 1), I think starting out with a base 30 stats and 100 Ki and Health sounds fair enough.

Example of a level one character

Name: Mattchu (lvl 1)

Race: Human

Attack: 6

Sp. Attack: 6

Defense: 6

Sp. Defense: 10

Speed: 2

100 HP

100 Ki

Now here is Mattchu once he's leveled up.

Name: Mattchu (lvl 2)

Race: Human

Attack: 8

Sp. Attack: 7

Defense: 7

Sp. Defense: 10

Speed: 3

115 HP

105 Ki