Character Name
Personal Information
Username /u/Kaofthetower
Race Majin
Rank Trainee
Age  ??
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight  ??


Presto is a red Majin that looks similar to Mr. Buu except he has two attenaes emerging from the center of his head that trail about half way down his body. He wears a blue vest, gloves, and belt.


Chaotic and childlike. He does not talk much but laughs alot.


Not much is known about his past. He just showed up one day on Earth and has remained there since.

Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Total Stats: 30
Strength 6
Speed 6
Ki Levels 5
Ki Control 5
Endurance 8
Health 180
Ki Levels 75

Moves: 3Edit

Vanishing Beam Type: Beam. Damage Type: Normal. Color: Pink. Base Damage: 20. Secondary Effect: None. Recharge Rate: 1. Description: A pink aura surrounds Presto's hand and he fires off a pink beam in the direction he points the hand.

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack Type: Other. Damage Type: Explosive. Color: Pink. Base Damage: 30. Secondary Effect: Hones in on target. Recharge Rate: 2. Description: Presto spits out a pink ghost version of himself. The ghost then begins to seek out the enemy and explode on contact. The ghost moves at Presto's speed.

Destructo Disk Type: Slicing. Damage Type: Cutting. Color: Pink. Base Damage: 50. Secondary Effect: None. Recharge Rate: 3. Description: Presto points his right index finger into the air swirling it around to give shape to the focused energy. Once formed the disk can be thrown.

Rank upsEdit


Quest RewardsEdit

Z-Points earned: 0
Zenni: 0

  • none
  • none
  • none


none completed