What's DBZ without off the wall super moves? Here in DBZL, you can make up your own bitchin' moves, or adopt classics like the Kamehameha Wave, Spirit Bomb, or Special Beam Cannon.

But before you do so, here's how you categorize moves.


Beams are thin, concentrated ki attacks that pierce things. Examples being the Special Beam Cannon, or Freezer's Death Beam.


Balls are spherical masses of ki that are thrown and and go boom. They usually deal explosive damage. Examples are the Spirit Bomb, Death Ball, and Big Bang Attack.


Waves are long, continuous ki attacks such as the Kamehameha Wave, Gallick Gun, or Masenko.


Blasts really don't have a particular shape, they're just heaps of energy thrown at people to kill things. Examples are Trunk's Buster Cannon, Piccolo's Light Grenade, or Raditz's legendary Saturday Crush.


DADADADADADADADADADADA! We all know that noise. It's the sound of Goku shooting off a bazillion ki blasts at once. That's what a barrage is.

Slicing MovesEdit

Moves that cut shit up. Destructo Disk, Galactic Donuts, and the Lightning Sword Slash are examples.

Melee CombosEdit

Maybe you don't want to make an energy attack, maybe you want a specific combo such as the Wolf Fang Fist, or Rock, Scissors, Paper! Make sure to describe the actions of a melee combo. Where you hit them, how you hit them, how many times you hit them, etc.


When creating your own move, make sure to describe it! Describe its color, shape, size, and how exactly you fire it. Do you shoot it from the finger tips, out of your mouth, or maybe out of your dick (just kidding).

Damage and EffectsEdit

Make sure to include in the description the type of damage your attack does, how much damage it does, and any secondary effects.


Rape Cannon. Type: Wave. Damage Type: Normal. Color: Purple. Base Damage: 50. Secondary Effect: None.

Move SlotsEdit

At level 1, you start off with 3 move slots (Humans start with 4). You gain a new move every 5 levels.

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