Mrokeii is the spawn of the great warrior Piccolo, and is only a year and a half old, yet is already 5'9, due to the Namekian's different ageing. He is the equivalent of a Namekian teenager - not a child but not quite an adult yet. Mrokeii resides on the earth, more specifically Kami's Lookout. He serves as Dende's protector, as he has gained much of his father's strength - indeed, Dende silently predicts that Mrokeii shall one day soon become a Super Namek. Mrokeii is said to look a lot like a child like version of Piccolo, with the exact same gi and weighted cape and turban.

Race: Namekian


Mrokeii has a similar personality to his father; he is respectful and does his best to deliver justice... However, his father's constant contact with many different Saiyans has left Mrokeii with a passion for combat. He loves to test himself, but at the same time will end a fight quickly if it poses a threat to any innocents. He is a deadly mix of a calm Namekian warrior and the tact of a Saiyan general.

Alignment: Lawful Good


Mrokeii is Piccolo's son. He retains most of his father's memories, but not vividly. Piccolo supposedly hatched him and disappeared from the universe, leaving him with Dende. Being the spawn of Piccolo, Mrokeii was born with great power and a natural affinity for fighting. Piccolo was trained primarily by Popo and Muten Roshi, boosting his already admirable power level even higher. He has gone through extensive training through the use of clones; no one else that Mrokeii knows of is capable of giving him a challenge. Mrokeii is already confident in his abilities, yet trains even further, in the hopes that he will eventually become strong enough to challenge his father (whenever he finds him, that is). He soon plans to make the journey to Planet Namek, his home world, to pick up the trail and find his father...

Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Attack: 6

Sp. Attack: 6

Defense: 6

Sp. Defense: 6

Speed: 5

HP: 100

Ki: 160

=Techniques: 3Edit

Kamehameha: Son Goku's legendary technique, taught to Mrokeii by the technique's own inventor Muten Roshi. Cost - 45Damage - 40 Recharge - 2 turns

Zanzoken Combo: In this attack, Mrokeii charges at his opponent. Just before reaching him, Mrokeii teleports behind him, delivering an elbow to the back of the neck, before teleporting in front and deliver a devastating kick to the chin, knocking the opponent into the air. Once again, Mrokeii teleports directly above the opponent before knocking him back down to earth with a powerful axe handle to the top of the head. Cost - 25 Damage - 20 Recharge -turn

Kami's Protection: Mrokeii uses his magic and calls upon guardians past to protect him. Cost - 60 Protects from 25% damage for 2 turns Recharge - 3 turns


Senzu Bean (2)

Weighted Gi