Oniko is of royal blood in the Hera Race, and wishes to find out why her race was destroyed.


She is commonly seen wearing black dresses, gloves and shoes. Her gloves mask her clawed fingers. Like most Hera races, her skin is teal and her hair is orange, but her hair is shorter then most female members of the race. She is commonly seen with a seductive smile. 

She is a member of the Hera Race


Oniko gives off a very seductive demeanor to both men and women, often getting close and flirting with just about everything in sight. This however is a mask for her true personality, one of despair and hate.  She will do and kill anything to achieve her goals, and mostly flirts with her enemies to let their guard down before killing them.


When Hera was destroyed, Bojack and his galactic warriors were the last survivors. Bojack and his minion, Zangya, had a son, Brojack. Soon, a royal family started and Oniko was next in line to the throne. But she hated her father, and wanted the Hera Race to be restored to its former glory. She commanded her own ship, and investigated the destruction of her people. After an argument between her and her father, she now stays as far away from her home planet as possible.

Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Attack: 8

Sp. Attack: 6

Defense: 4

Sp. Defense: 2

Speed: 10

HP: 100

Ki: 100

Moves: 3Edit

Psycho Thread

Thread shoots out from the finger tips of the user, and restrain the opponent. As the opponent struggles, Ki is drained from them. (20 Ki cost, 10 Ki drained from the opponent)

Corruptive Wrath

The user collects Ki inside their fist, and it hits the opponent. The Ki travels into the opponents body and throws off their bodily functions, causing the opponent to vomit profusely. (20 Ki cost, 30 base damage, recharge rate 3)

Ending Slash

The user collects ki into their clawed fingers, and they slash the air, causing a wave to be sent from it. (30 Ki cost,  35 base damage, recharge rate 2)

Frozen Fear

The user shoots a beam out of their fingers which paralyzes the user for 1 turn. This is a natural ability to the Hera. (20 Ki Cost)

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