As we all know, transformations only boost your stats for a limited amount of time. The alternative to these temporary stat boosts are permanent stat boosts (permastats). Permastats don't boost your stats quite as much as a transformation does, but the main advantage is that they're permanent and stay with you in your base form. So when that Super Saiyan you're fighting runs out of juice, you will have an edge on him. Another great thing about permastats is that they stack, and they also stack with any transformation you may get later on.

You can only take on 2 permastats via rank up, but you may find special people (NPCs) out in the world that will raise stats for you.

A good canon example of a permastat is Mystic Gohan. He had the Elder Kai unlock is ultimate potential and give him a boost that made him stronger than a Super Saiyan 3. Maybe you will find someone similar on your journey...