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18 year old human. 6'6 with short spiked brown hair. He has a slender but muscular frame. His name comes from his eyes that are a shiny silver, they offer no more then just being a weird mutation. He has a serious face and doesn't usually smile. He usually wears a black jump suit similar style to Goku's with a silver belt and a silver vest. 

He is a Chaotic Good wants to join the Z-Fighters


Harsh, Stand offish, easily angered, loyal, with a warped sense of justice. He is very confusing with his emotions after the truama of seeing everyone he loved died. Hates seeing innocents Murdered.


History His family had been early pioneers in going to live on far off planets. his family had lived generations on a small middle of no where planet. He was always picked on for his eyes. this is what drove him to train. when he was fifteen two Saiyan mercenaries were hired to attack His planet. He wanted to fight but his father was able to send him on a ship to near by space station. after that Silver pushed him self to be strong and isolated himself. When he turned eighteen he traveled to earth to train and see if he can learn more of who hired the mercenaries

Stats:30 Level:1Edit



Ki Levels:3

Ki Control:5





Rage blast: A red blast fired from one arm while the second is holding the other for support. nothing special here very basic attack. Cost 20ki, damage 30, recharge 3 turns

Tri-attack: A three hit combo, A kick to send you in the air a punch to send you flying then a two handed strike to launch you to the ground. Cost 25ki, damage 30, effect lowers oppenants speed by 1 for 2 turns, recharge 5 turns

Big ball: a ball attack of red energy formed then thrown causing a big explosion. Cost 30ki, damage 20, effect hutrts a 20m radius, recharge 4 turns

(human extra move) Wrath Cannon: A wave of red ki fired from both hands after point holding hands together facing down the pointed at target. cost 40ki, damage 50, recharge 4 turns

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