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Tiaus is a proud saiyn warrior who enjoys partying as much as killing. He has long black hair similar to raditz but the top is styled more wilder. His hair color is dark black but has the hint of green when his in the light. He wears Black and Green Saiyan armor in Radits like fashion,yes that means he wears the black underwear thingy. He wears his tail like a fine belt around his waist. His Scouter is tented black and he always seems to have a smile on his face.


In fights he often jokes around and doesn't take it seriously. That all changes when he knows the opponent is a serious and dangerous threat, then his mind goes tactical. Outside of battle he is very nice to other races but prefers to hang with saiyans. Things he does not like are: Frost demons, various aliens, and people who talk down to his race. He is probably one of the nicest saiyans you meet, even nicer if you buy him a drink.


As most Saiyans, Tiaus was born on New Vegeta (not the new vegeta that became earth in GT). He grew up happily with his other saiyan friends and loved his king dearly. Advancing in his position he was finially able to ask for mercenary work from King Vegeta. After taking said work he began destroying/ protecting planets by the king's order and for pay. After a few years of being a paid saiyan mercenary, he felt as though the saiyan race as a whole was holding him back and he felt that he only wanted destruction and not to protect also. He then met an elusive saiyan named Kumber. He offered Tiaus a job aboard his ship to go around the universe planting forests with him. Tiaus was skeptical at first but then Kumber explained that the trees he was planting were trees of might, trees of awesome destuction and power. Tiaus gladly signed up with Kumber and began taking over planets to produce a nice peaceful orchard.

Stats: 30. Level: 1Edit

Total Stats: 30
Strength 8
Speed 5
Ki Levels 5
Ki Control 6
Endurance 6
Health 160
Ki Levels 75

Moves: 3Edit

- Hatred Halo: Creates a ring of energy that is green and is fired much like Turles' ring blast, kind of like distructo disk. Ki Cost- 20   damage- 30, downside: recharge rate 2 turns

-solar flare: attempts to blind opponent ki cost 30  damage-5, downside: 3 turns recharge rate.

-Colossus crush: Tiaus grabs opponents arm and lifts them up by it. He then begins punching them repeatedly in the stomach and then finishes it with a headbut that sends the opponent flying. Ki cost- 30  damage- 50  downside- 3 turns recharge rate

Rank upsEdit



Hasn't done any yet

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0 Zenni

Theme MusicEdit

Main theme:

Doing awesome:

beaten to a pulp: