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Name - Tomahtin

Username - /u/mysmellysausage

Race - Saiyan

Rank - Trainee

Age - 21

Gender - Male

Height - 5'11"

Weight - 143lbs

Appearence                                                                            Edit

Olive skin tone

Hair style is a mix between Future Trunks and Vegeta, only it arcs to the right.

Hair color is dark brownish black like all other Saiyans.

Has his tail free most of the time until he's about to fight, at which point it is wrapped around the waist to

stay out of the way during combat.

Wears several types of combat armor, preferably armor with short shoulder and lower body plates complete with a

modded red scouter.


Enjoys adventure and freedom. Loves a good laugh and is always looking for a good time.

He's actually quite refined in his mannerisms compared to his other saiyan bretherin, and boasts an above average IQ, allowing him to modify his scouter to do more than read the ki's of others. However, he's still a Saiyan; do NOT screw him over/piss him off; his short fuze makes that a very bad idea. Stay on his good side and he's your best friend.

Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral.

Faction: Gardeners

Theme MusicEdit

Basket Case


What's my age again?



Makes no difference


Born on New Vegeta. As a child he would always attempt to steal unattended space pods and go exploring distant planets. He was successful only once and managed to travel to planet Hera where he had a run in with one of Brojacks henchman. Luckily he was drunk and he was able to outsmart and defeat him; consequentally making off with a 30 case of space Pabst Blue Ribbon and 300,000 zeni. When he returned home his prizes were confiscated but he was given a top of the line scouter to keep his mouth shut.

He wishes to join the Gardeners and travel the galaxy, hoping to re-live his childhood and discover some utopia of rich rewards; a dead planet has no use for riches, right?


Total Stats: 30
Strength 5
Speed 6
Ki Levels 7
Ki Control 7
Endurance 5
Health 150
Ki 85

Moves: 3Edit

Charged Ki Wave(two handed[standard]): The wave is charged between the two palms and fired in Masenko fashion.

Type: Wave. Damage Type: Normal. Color: Blue. Base Damage: 20. Secondary Effect: None. Recharge Rate: 1.

Lethal FireWorks[Ultimate]: Execution is similar to Vegeta's Final Flash, however the move itself is completely different. When it fires, 3-5 ropes of Ki lightning fire out to envelope the foe. Once the foe is overtaken, Tomahtin will use hand gestures to shoot the opponent upward into the sky. Finally, a snap of the fingers will detonate the foe, causing pockets of Ki to fire off and pop, similar to a firework shows grand finale.

Type: Beam. Damage Type: Shock. Color: White, with multi-colored sparks. Base Damage: 150. Secondary Effect: Temporary Paralysis(10-15 sec). Recharge Rate: 8.

example:Ixions Thors Hammer

Back up Jack: 1-2 heavy hits to the abdomen, follwed by and uppercut to the chin, finished by a heavy jump kick to the face. This should put some distance between Tomahtin and the foe, as well as stun him for a bit.

Type: Melee. Base Damage: 30. Secondary Effects: Stuns for 5 sec as well as about 15 yds or 13.7m of distance.


  • Enhanced Scouter: Reads Ki and other sources of non-KI energy, as well as heat signatures. Can read high Power Levels without malfunction, built in emergency shut-down in case of unexpectedpower spikes. Can calculate distance and point out weaknesses in structures.
  • Saiyan Space-Pod: Travels around the galaxy. Puts user in suspended animation for long distance travel.
  • Cultivars: 3-5 seeds and bio-gel. Mostly used for distractions/escape due to weak fighting ability.

Rank upsEdit


Quest RewardsEdit

Z-Points earned: 0 Zenni: 0 Items:

  • none
  • none
  • none